The drive to Cloudcroft from Alamogordo takes you through "the tunnel."  Kids love it!  You'll go through High Rolls, NM where you'll see the Old Apple Barn and  Apple Boy - be sure to stop, it's a fun place to shop, before you come to the old train trestle on the right - one of the most photographed sites around Cloudcroft.

Burro Street, in downtown Cloudcroft, is complete with wooden boardwalks and old style charm and hospitality. On the way to Cedar Lodge, you'll pass the ski area on the right and a lot of beautiful scenery... try to keep your eyes on the road because you never know what's going to run out in front of you!
It's a short 10-15 minute drive from the Village.
Welcome to Fawn Passage!
view from the deck.
Fawn Passage