November 2013
Dear Rick and Lisa,
We want to thank you for sharing this little piece of heaven with us. We had a great time enjoying nature. Every morning we had several neighbors (deer, birds, raccoons...) visiting us to make our stay even better. Thank you for providing everything we needed. We look forward for another visit.
God bless you and your family,
Crouse Family  - El Paso, TX

August/September 2013
This was our 2nd visit to Cloudcoft. Last time we stayed in Fawn Passage and loved it so much that we just had to bring the whole family and pay Cedar Lodge a visit.
We absolutely loved the cabin with all of its homey touches. The bed upstairs was seriously the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in in my entire existence on this planet!! We will most certainly be back again and hope to make Cedar Lodge and Fawn Passage family traditions for years to come! :)
Edwards & Silva Families - Gilbert, AZ and El Paso, TX
P.S. Do I have to leave already??!!

August 2013
Had a wonderful stay! We all enjoyed the board games and books! Plenty to do. Wonderful area, gorgeous place. Thank you so much for everything!
Everything was wonderful. We had a great time. It felt like home and was so beautiful.
Thank you for making everything perfect.
The Franklin Family - Tilden, TX

August 2013
We really enjoyed our stay. Thank you for the nice amenities! Really enjoyed the selection of music. Nice get-away from the heat!
Thank you, God bless!
The Nichols - Monahans, TX

July 2013
Really enjoyed the cabin. The birds, bears, and deer were awesome entertainment! Very well managed and very comfortable. One of the best family vacations I can remember. Really got to relax in unstressful setting with all our family. Thanks,
The Waters - Double Oak, TX

July 2013
It was peaceful and quiet. We enjoyed it. My wife and I had a wonderful time as we shared our 35 years of marriage. It was great. Thank you,
Mr. & Mrs. Arias - El Paso, TX

July 2013
This was the first vacation my step-children have ever taken and it was prefect. They have no contact with their mother, and their dad is deployed, so this was a great bonding time for us. So much thought and care have been given into making this the perfect holiday home, and we couldn't have asked for more! Thank you for putting so much love in!
Burks, Banks, French - El Paso, TX

July 2013
Thank you for sharing your peaceful cabin in the woods with us! We enjoyed our family time together in the mountains and pine trees We loved the fire, the CDS - all our favorites - and the cozy decor. Thank you for providing the baby gear - what a help! This vacation has been a blessing to all of us!
The Woerner family & Linda Hatton - San Antonio, TX

July 2013
It was such a pleasure staying at Cedar Lodge! Lisa, I must say that you make the stay wonderful with every little detail and personal touch. We loved the peaceful serenity and space the cabin provided! We will definitely return.
The Vachon & Duke Family - San Antonio, TX

June 2013
Hey sis, if it weren't for you & Rick we probably wouldn't have a vacation, much less one so nice. This year was especially wonderful, as it is probably the last year we will have Justin with us. It has been so sweet watching them all together. They have reached the age where they are ALL engaging each other's company and there is so much crazy fun ALL THE TIME! Your cabin is crazy beautiful and I love staying here. Thank you for everything, especially the sheets! :-) 
The Cervantes family - El Paso, TX

June 2013
Lisa, we had a great time and appreciated your attention to detail. We had everything we needed and we enjoyed the wildlife around. Thank you!
Susan Parks - El Paso, TX

June 2013
Everything was wonderful!
Brenda Tate - El Paso, TX

June 2013
Lisa & Rick, our group really enjoyed our stay. It was nice to finally visit your cabin. The best place to me was the porch, but all the accommodations were great! Hope to enjoy your cabin again!
Chris Frazier - El Paso, TX

June 2013
Everything was well organized, clean and enjoyable. Thanks,
Ann Parks - El Paso, TX

May 2013
A perfect place to rest in the midst of a desert vacation. The cool fragrant air. The dive-bombing hummingbirds. The still nights. And a house full of everything we could possibly need. Many thanks,
The Adams family - Washington, DC

May 2013
Lisa - thank you so much for a great Memorial weekend. We truly needed the getaway! And we also enjoyed my sister's birthday. We will definately recommend this place and we will be back!
Licon-Reza Family & Apodaca-Garcia Family - El Paso, TX

March 2013
Once again we had a wonderful time in your beautiful cabin. Our kids call the cabin our home away from home - we will definitely be back very soon. We made some beautiful family memories here and can't wait to come back. Thank you,
Julie Morales & family - El Paso, TX

February 2013
We might fill the whole book! Once again this place didn't disappoint. :) We got here just in time for Mardi Gras, made a killing on beads - temp dropped to 20, but no snow. We made our own fun, though! See you again,
The Davis Family - Monahans, TX

February 2013
Thank you SO much for letting us stay at this beautiful place. We truly enjoyed God's wonderful creation, the deer, the birds, and the forest! The kids loved everything! From nature to the lotions and board games! I loved the cleanliness and the awesome organizational skills. I want to be like you one day! :) Thanks again for everything!
Blessings - The Figueroa Family, El Paso, TX

December 2012
Words truly cannot express how perfect and cozy Cedar Lodge was. Thank you for allowing us to stay here. Our boys LOVED it so much. They enjoyed watching the deer and jays out the windows. We are sad to leave today, but we are looking forward to a return visit. Our 3 boys didn't want to leave this morning.
I enjoyed watching the deer! Joshua, 10 yrs
I don't want to leave this cozy place!!! Elijah, 7 yrs
JOSIAH (Josiah, 4 yrs)
The Martinez Family - San Antonio, TX

December 2012
Cedar Lodge was the perfect place for our family to have the perfect Christmas of 2012. It became home away from home. The Lodge was prepared with everything we needed. Also, being here we experienced our first "White" Christmas. We were thrilled to see and play in the snow, and then come inside and nestle around a warm fire, which became the perfect setting and playing board games and reading our favorite books. This has been by far one Christmas that we will treasure!

Again, thanks for providing a very comfortable place. We will be back again! Blessings,
The Bell Family - Austin, TX

Deceember 2012
Our 2nd visit this year! We were a little bummed to find out the Cross Eyed Moose restaurant changed and even more bummed to the pie place closed, BUT it didn't stop us from having fun!

It's a great place for families even with little ones. Our 1 year old loved the wooden toys and our 9 year old loved feeding the deer!

We will be back in a few months to play in the snow! Merry Christmas!
The Davis Family - Monahans, TX

November 2012
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to indulge in a relaxing weekend in your cabin. It was very much appreciated. We are very glad you gave us the opportunity to see your beautiful blessing. We all needed a chance to get away for the weekend. Thank you - Victoria

Thank you for allowing us to come here and enjoy our surroundings. This made my birthday one of the best, so I personally thank you for making my 16th birthday a memorable one. Thank you so very much! Naomi

Thank you for the cabin. I really did enjoy it. Joshua

Lisa and Rick, you truly provided a sanctuary for us - still waters. God has truly blessed you to bless others. Thank you for your faithfulness. We were truly blessed.
D. Padilla - El Paso, TX

October 2012
Thank you for renting your cabn to us. The veiws were beautiful, the fireplace was awesome - very cozy. Perfect place to get away with some friends. Wish our stay was for longer. We had a great time, we will be returning very soon!
Richard, Fluffy, ezBet - WSMR, NM

October 2012
What a wonderful place for happy memories! We all had the most fantastic weekend and Cedar Lodge made it perfect! The kitchen, beds, bathroom, porch and deer were all part of the perfect package! Can't wait to come again.
Lori - El Paso, TX

October 2012
Wonderful, well-rested weekend! The pictures online do not do the cabin justice. We will definitely return!
Rosalinda - El Paso, TX

October 2012
Will be back again! Everything made it feel like home away from home. Thank you for sharing your home, the warmth, the surrounding beauty, and remnants of family spirit. Blessings to you.
Virginia - El Paso, TX

October 2012
Had a great weekend! Beautiful house, beautiful setting, and great weather! Thank you.
Victoria - El Paso, TX

October 2012
We had a wonderful "girls" weekend! The accommodations were great and we felt like it was the perfect get-away. Can't wait to do it again!
Kate - El Paso, TX

August 2012
Our staff from "Christ in the Arts" (West Texas) are extremely grateful for being able to come here for our group retreat! Cedar Lodge is tops on our list and we've stayed in several cabins in the Cloudcroft area. One staffer put it this way (to borrow a phrase from Jane Austen in "Pride & Prejudice") "...we could not imagine a house more happily situated..."

All of your attention to detail for kitchen, bed & bath needs were and are deeply appreciated. The music selection (with the CD player in the kitchen) were great and helped to set a relaxing atmosphere.
We have a few bird lovers among us and so you can imagine their delight to watch and feed the birds on a daily basis. (We even had to make more hummingbird juice.) We also enjoyed watching the deer nibble on the corn. (Saw a doe and young twin bucks one morning.)

Your lotions and soaps smell so good and the ingredients are of the quality that we enjoy... very healthy.
Thanks again for everything! We will look forward to making arrangements for another stay as soon as we are able!
Joy and blessings,
Dana Hinds for "Christ in the Arts" staff

August 2012
Thank you so much for our wonderful stay! Your cabin is amazing. My family and I really enjoyed ourselves here. It was nice to feel "home" away from home. The boys loved the wooden toys and books. My husband and I enjoyed watching the deer & hummingbirds. The stocked kitchen  made our stay and cooking very easy. Your organization is perfect! Made things easy to find and put away. We couldn't have asked for better weather! Much better than the Texas summer heat. We even got to sit & listen to the rain & thunder one day... so peaceful! We hate to leave, but we hopefully will return one day.
God bless,
Lloyd, Whitney, Ky & Bryce - Fredericksburg, TX

July 2012
Lisa, just want to say thank you for making this weekend so nice. The cabin is perfect. We all felt right at home the minute we walked in. We will for sure be dong this again! Thanks for all your hard work in making the cabin so nice!!
Many blessings,
Lori Adams - El Paso, TX

July 2012
Thank you so much for allowing us to rent your cabin. We all enjoyed our stay so much! Everything was clean and organized. The beds were very comfortable also. We will be back and would recommend this cabin to friends & family.     Thank you again!
Robert & Vera Longoria
Pat & Shannon McShan
Larry & Teresa Williams
  all from Brownwood, TX

June 2012
Rick & Lisa - this is your sister and we loved our 2nd annual vacation at the cabin. I know I give you a hard time about ironing the sheets, so in all fairness, will admit that pulling back the covers and sliding into clean, smooth, PRESSED sheets is a treat; one that will probably NEVER take place at home! The "pressed" part, that is. Oh, and the kids wanted me to tease you "WHAT? you don't stock toothbrushes???"
Thank you for letting us stay here. It was great, Aunt Lisa, just like last time. Jessie
"Lots of pictures coming soon to a facebook near you ;-) " Gaby
The Cervantes Family - El Paso, TX

May 2012
Thank you Rick & Lisa!
We had a wonderful time here this weekend! We were quite comfortable and felt quite pampered by the lotions and extras in the kitchen, like hot chocolate and tea!

We celebrated my husband's 50th birthday here and the peaceful environment was one of his favorite gifts! It was also great to be able to cook a nice meal with your well-equipped kitchen!

We saw Hummingbirds, a Stellar Jay, Black-Headed Grossbeak couple, Rocky Mountain Junco, and a couple other kinds of birds. Your bird book was great to have on hand for identifying the birds!

The music selection was fantastic and we enjoyed playing games, too! And having a fire!
Thanks for such hospitality!
The Smith Family - Las Cruces, NM

March 2012
As soon as we pulled into the driveway we knew we were going to have a great time. We were greeted by four beautiful deer who just stared at us in curiosity for a few moments before they realized live kids were occupying the suburban in the driveway! A sickness swept through the family that did NOT keep us from enjoying your beautiful place. Joseph (5 yrs) said his favorite thing about the trip was playing in the snow. Dan (4 yrs) said he loved the wooden toys. Mikea (4) and Adrian (2) said their favorite part was rolling giant snowballs. As for my wife and I, we enjoyed soft music in the beautiful kitchen, drinking coffee and making memories! Thanks for everything!
The Morrisons - San Antonio, TX

January 2012
This place is great. We all enjoyed ourselves and will be coming back. Thank you very much!
Kevn Pratt - El Paso, TX

January 2012
Happy New Year!!
You have a beautiful cabin! It's a wonderful place to enjoy time as a family. We saw several deer adn birds! Our kids loved it. We were even able to play in the  snow. :) We will be back this summer!
Best wishes,
The Davis Family - Monahans, TX

December 2011
Thank you for providing our family with another year of rest in your delightful mountain oasis. It is a wonderful escape from fast-paced life and allows our family to catch up, rest, relax and play together. Thank you so much for having us - see you next year!
The Douglas family - Las Cruces, NM and beyond

December 2011
What an incredible place for adventure! Loved the deer & the birds. It was a perfect place to get snowed in for the holidays. Thank you so much for having us!
Jeff & Mackenzie P. - San Antonio, TX

December 2011
The Conwells were here and loved our stay. The cabin was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed the beauty of God's creation. Thank you, Lisa, for your organization skills, attention to detail and hospitality.
The Conwell Family - Spicewood, TX

November 2011
Your warm cabin was a great place to be during the snow storm and 10 degree temps. We all had a great time and looking forward to next year. Thanks again.
Bill, Anthony & Landon (hunting again!) - Alamogordo, NM

November 2011
Again we had a great time at this cabin. Thanks, Lisa.
Bill & Anthony (hunting) - Alamogordo, NM

October 2011
Thank you for providing such an inviting place to relax and enjoy nature. We saw deer, a racoon, and little birds landed right on my husbands knee to eat the seeds! We loved being here in the fall with the weather cold enough to build a fire, and the fall colors around the area was awesome. God bless you and your family.
Terri & Michael Monse - Abilene, TX

October 2011
Thank you so much. It was great. You have a really nice cabin. We enjoyed staying here. Thank you.
The Flood family - Hereford, TX

September 2011
We said last year we wanted to make it back. Took us a year but the stay was well worth it!

This year we brought our family, our son and his new family, and our best friends and their sons. All 9 adults and our 11-3/4 mo old granddaughter enjoyed our time in the mountains. It was rainy this time around but no one seemed to mind; fun times sitting on the porch watching the birds, playing cards, listening to music, and above all else - RELAXING!! All the extras you provide for little ones was greatly appreciated and so nice not to have to pack and bring ourselves. The baby loved the puzzles and books!

It was so nice to enjoy the cool weather as it has been so hot in Texas. Most of all, the quiet and rest was rejuvination of all! Nice to get away from the craziness of our lives. The visit was short, but oh so sweet!

Thank you again for your gift of hospitality. May God continue to richly bless you!
The Turnipseed and Moore families - Levelland, Ropesville and Wellman-Union, TX

August 2011
We had a wonderful time!
Sofia & Lily - El Paso, TX

August 2011
We enjoyed our stay. Fun to watch deer, baby fawn, raccoons with 5 babies at the feeder. The cool temperature and rain were welcome relief from the West Texas heat. Thanks for providing such a comfortable getaway.
The Monse family - Abilene, TX

August 2011
It was an awesome stay. I'm sure we'll be back next summer. Thanks for letting us stay.
Stephanie Rowland - Anton, TX

August 2011
As always, a wonderful escape from reality. Short but sweet visit! Thank you!
Julie Morales - El Paso, TX

August 2011
Great getaway! Too Short! Must do this again real soon!
L. Hernandez - El Paso, TX

August 2011
Had a good time! Thank you for letting us stay!
Becky Sanchez - El Paso, TX

August 2011
Thank you for another lovely getaway. We look forward to coming here again at the end of the month.
Sofia Larkin Appleby - El Paso, TX

August 2011
We're packed up and ready to go. My almost 3 year old tells me she doesn't want to go home. I agree. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. We enjoyed everything from the hummingbird/bumble bee battles on the porch to the cozy low ceilings upstairs. We've had wonderful family time! Thank you for sharing with us!
Jacob & Katie Herbold - Lubbock, TX

August 2011
So happy we got to meet you! The cabin is absolutely spotless! I am listening to raindrops splatter and birds chirping. It's 58 degrees - perfect after being in 110 with no rain for over 90 days. Pure & perfect, peace & calm right now - but I'm so eager to see my kids and grandkids! Happy birthday to Julia Paige Herbold!
Keryn Herbold - Granbury, TX

July 2011
We had such a wonderful stay! The cabin was just as we hoped and our girls loved watching the deer come up to eat! It is so hard leaving the rain and the cool behind! Thank you so much for the great memories!
Mike, Ashley, Allie and Emma Cushman - Lubbock, TX

July 2011
We had a relaxing weekend listening to the rain, enjoying the hummingbirds. Saturday we had a beautiful wedding on the front porch with Bill Boverie. Want to come back already.
The Dixon Family - Odessa, TX

July 2011
Arrived at 9pm - dark, couldn't see outside. Cabin inside is cute. After calling dibs on the downstairs bedroom, let Devin and Brooke negotiate over the upstairs bedrooms. Must teach Brooke how to be "tough." Devin won. Woke up July 16 and admired the beauty of the mountains. Smells good. 7/16 went to White Sands. Brought home tons of sand in our britches! Sat on porch and watched hummingbirds. 7/17 went to Carslbad Caverns. Pretty interesting - long 2-1/2 hour drive. Worth it? The kids seemed to enjoy it. 7/18 went horseback riding at Runyan Ranches 30 mi east of Cloudcroft on Hwy 82. Excellent experience. Highly recommend it. Sad to be leaving such a wonderful place.
The Crow Family - Jefferson, TX

July 2011
Rained for 2 days - 65 degree weather - Holy Cow - going to be hard going back to 105 degree weather in Texas! Saw deer, cool birds, and a BAT decided the porch was its cave. Thanks for the great experience!
The Langstons - Fort Worth, TX

July 2011
Thanks again for letting us stay at your cabin! This was our second time here and we enjoyed it as much as our first. During our week stay, we seen: mule deer, white tail deer, raccoons, hummingbirds and on the last day, a bear! My boys loved it. Your cabin has all the comforts of home. We look forward to staying here again. Thank you!
Mario, Jaclyn, Mario III, Jacob & Mason Fierro - Carlsbad, NM

June 2011
Lisa, our 2nd time here but 1st by ourselves. Really needed to destress and this was the perfect place to do it! Love the extra special touches from the handmade soap to the variety of music! And my favorite part - how imaculately clean it is!  My mom is anal about that and I know every place she stays (hotels), she complains, so I would never dream of taking her to any place other than here! I can't find anything she could whine about! You've truly put your heart into this place and that's what sets it apart from all the others! We look forward to staying again - sooner this time! Thanks so much!
Jim & Barbara Sherwood - El Paso, TX

June 2011
This is our first visit alone (the Cervantes family), only our family. Sis, I know I give you a hard time about how picky you are, but that quality is what makes this place so special. We have never taken a vacation in the 18 years we have been married, before now, and we are LOVIN' IT! Thank you. More comments to come...

3 days later...
Aunt Lisa,
Once again I enjoyed myself with Gaby and Ben. I love the scent (sniff, sniff) of the woods. I guess Gaby likes the job of putting corn out on the piece of bark, because a lot of deer came along with a lot of pictures in our cameras. Thank you, Aunt Lisa.
(Jessica Cervantes)
p.s. It's also good when there's a last of something because if it goes on forever it gets boring. (Je
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
All of us! (The Cervantes family)
El Paso, TX

May 2011
This was our 2nd trip here and it was just as much fun as the last!!! We loved the deer and the hummingbirds. The kids (Drew & Mallory) had fun making fairy houses with random sticks, leaves, rocks & needles. Thanks again and I am sure we will be back!
Andrew, Mallory, Scott & Ali Mosier
Lubbock, TX

May 2011
This was our first "couples" getaway & we loved it! Next time we'll stay longer :) but it was a wonderful reprieve. My husband used to be a chef, so within moments of being in the kitchen "Now this is a great set up. I'm impressed." So there you have it. :) Your attention to details was refreshing. Thanks, we'll spread the word!
Janine & David Smith, Las Cruces
p.s. U2 & Bruce Springstein take me back! :)

March 2011
Hello again. I'm Mycah, yet again this cabin is awesome. I think all you get on this cabin is compliments. We put out the deer feed every night. The same deer kept coming back. How we could tell is the only buck in the family of does and children and had only one small antler. We went to a whole bunch of places, including Cloudcroft, Alamogordo, the space museum (IMAX), space observatory, and White Sands but we always knew we would have a comfy cabin to come back to. The only thing I think is bad about this cabin is that there is only one bathroom. Anyway, we had good steaks and hamburgers on the grill. The funniest part was when my brother Mikey was mad because he won in RISK. He was mad because everyone gave up. I had a reason, because I got an allergic reaction to some oysters. The next time we played RISK, I won. I like that game. This time we came with our friend and his dad. Well anyway, I think this is our last year here. Thank you again.
Mycah, Mikey, Brandon, Mike and Dan - Carlsbad, NM

March 2011
This cabin was an amazing experience for our family. It's nice to come from a city and then come out here and get away from it all. The scenery out back was gorgeous with the deer being so close to nature's beauty. And the cabin had it all - we love your table and furnace. Thank you for letting our family stay in this cabin.
The Bayara family

February 2011
Thank you for opening up your home to us! I am so thankful to have found your webpage! Our experience was wonderful! The house and everything you provide made it feel like home. The kids really had a fun, fun time here! On Sunday, we got to experience 1" of snow, which we all thought waas great! The kids got to sled down White Sands on Monday, which was the highlight of their trip! Thank you for providing the sleds. We drove for miles and miles, just looking at all that God has made! Thank you again for your hospitality! God bless you and your family!
Jeff & Rachel, Paige, Natalie, Maggie Mae & Justice - Wimberly, TX

February 2011
We laughed and lounged in this peaceful mountain retreat. What fun! Thank you for thinking of food for the deer - more than a dozen came to see us! And for the teas, beautiful candles and lovely touches. Our group had a delightful stay at this warm & welcoming cabin.
Gaby, Kim, Jen, Sarah, Stacey & Richard - El Paso, TX

January 2011
We have thoroughly enjoyed our peaceful and relaxing weekend here at the cabin! Thank you for sharing. We love the table - it's perfect for scrapping. :)  Many blessings - we can't wait for our next trip!
Jennifer & Angel - El Paso, TX

January 2011
Thank you for allowing us into your home. We really enjoyed our stay. Your cabin definitely has all the comforts of home. My two kids really enjoyed watching the deer come up and eat. You have a beautiful home and you have gone above and beyond to make your guest(s) comfortable. We will definitely recommend this cabin to others and use it again ourselves.
The Hiner & Dach families - Carlsbad, NM

January 2011
This was an amazing experience. Thank you for letting us come. I hope I can come back next year. :)
M. Tschaye - El Paso, TX

January 2011
First time coming and it was very relaxing. Had a quiet time with friends and family. The bonding we had with each other is priceless. Thank you and God bless.
P. Tschaye - El Paso, TX
SFC Ret U.S. Army

January 2011
Lisa, thank you so much for a wonderful experience. This was my first time coming out and I love it! had a great time. The beauty of nature is just beautiful. And the humbleness of your cabin is very warming and welcoming.
L. Jackson - El Paso, TX
p.s. Thanks for supporting our troops!

January 2011
Thank you for letting us come. I'm so excited to come cuz we come every year - it's so awesome. I also want to say that your cabin is really comfortable and I love it here. I wish I lived here.
Michelle M
Dear Lisa,
Another wonderful experience for my family and I in your home away from home. My friends fell in love with your beautiful cabin and I can't wait to come back. The kids had an amazing time on their long weekend break. I am now a grandma and I can't wait to make beautiful memories here with my precious girls! So much uncertainty lies ahead but one certainty is God always provides exactly what we need! I believe!!!  We'll be back soon,
Julie M and kids - El Paso, TX

January 2011
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and use of your beautiful cabin. Our 2 families enjoyed our snowy stay and feeding the deer! Happy New Year!

Thank you for our wonderful time at your cabin. The baby deer were so cute. We got to see so many blue jays that ate the deer corn. The electric blankets were awesome! Both of our families loved our stay here. Happy New Year!
The Siebert family and friends - Austin, TX

December 2010
As always, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. We loved that there was finally some snow the day we left - but Mom would like you to order some snow for the 28th next year, please. :) Thanks so much!
The Douglases and the Gwins - Las Cruces, NM and beyond

December 2010
Dec 20 - we arrived from Texas. The place looks great. Dec 21 4:09pm - 15 mule deer, 6 fawns, 1 buck stepped out we fed them corn. The deer were 10 yards away - Grandma loved it! Dec 26 - this was the most peaceful Christmas ever! It snowed twice this week, which was beautiful to see. We don't see much snow in Ft Worth, TX. Thanks for providing deer corn. That was the highlight of our trip!
The Easters - Haslet, TX

December 2010
Lisa, this was the best R&R for me and my husband. The kids loved all the room and I had a blast cooking in the kitchen. Thank you for having all the necessities in the kitchen, so much less to pack. This has been a blessing to us to get away and get to know each other all over again. We watched movies, made cookies and celebrated my son's birthday around the table. The birds and the deer were better than any(thing) TV has to offer. I hope we took care of your home as I would my own, because I love it just as much. We look forward to coming back over and over again!
The Gerstemeier family - El Paso, TX (CVC)

November 2010
What a wonderful week! The cabin accomodated all of us very comfortably. We cooked our Thanksgiving dinner here. The kitchen is fabulous. We did a ton of cooking for our clan. I listened to Christmas music the whole time. I loved it! You do a beautiful job of providing for your guests.
Mark & Susan Albertson and family - El Paso, TX
p.s. We spent hours watching the blue jays and the deer. Isaiah 6:3 Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. The whole earth is filled with his glory!

November 2010
Today is our wedding anniversary! Thank you for a great weekend. We'll see you next month with our 4 beautiful kids!
Sofia and David A - El Paso, TX

November 2010
Lisa, the cabin was great and warm. That made this hunting trip the best that I ever went on. Thank you again.
Bill and Anthony (father/son hunting team) - Alamogordo, NM

October 2010
I wanted to share - this was my first time up here and it was a wonderful experience. The cabin was great - relaxing. Most of all a great weekend with our family in which made it more wonderful - their company is a true blessing to us. I know it will not be the last time. Again, it was pleasant, relaxing. Thank you for the cabin.
The Torres Family - El Paso, TX

October 2010
Lisa and Rick,
Thank you :) we enjoyed our stay again. It's always sad when we leave but we know we are taking beautiful memories with us.
Sincere Regards,
Richard & Eve, Kimberly & Kelsey Torres & family - El Paso, TX

October 2010
Hi, I'm a 13 year old and I have been coming here with my family since I was 9. This place is awesome. I have fun every time I come here. This cabin is just so cozy and warm. I never want to leave, but then again we have to! :) This was an awesome experience because we saw 2 deer the first morning, then we saw 10 deer the second morning. We also saw Blue Jays - that was cool! The swing was awesome. Everything was great.
Kelsey Torres - El Paso, TX

October 2010
Three couples with 2 toddlers - total of eight of us! Enjoyed your relaxing hide-a-way. Enjoyed the beautiful rainfall you special ordered for us while sitting on the front porch. Our photo ops were endless - the kids invented their own games for hours, outside.
The Aleman Families - El Paso, TX

September 2010
We enjoyed every minute of our stay. We arrived late after a long travel day and within 30 minutes were relaxed with a cup of cocoa and feeling as if we had been here for days. We loved the hiking, the town (especially Big Daddy's pie) and above all, the many touches at the cabin that made us feel at home.
Letitia & John Pendygraft - Tampa, FL

September 2010
Thank you so much for a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We were coming to the mountains for some rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. What we received at Cedar Lodge was beyond our expectations!

The cabin is a haven in the pines! All of the extras and comforts are evidence of your gifts of hospitality and a servant's heart! We were able to enjoy eating together at the table, while listening to the wonderful music you have provided. The girls enjoyed the swing and having the frisbee to toss around.

We were able to enjoy watching 5 deer feeding, the last evening we were here. The birds and the hummingbirds were a joy to watch.

Thank you again for a wonderful time! We hope this will not be our last time to visit. Your website and phone number will be in our favorites!

God's blessings continue to be showered upon you.

The Turnipseed family - Levelland, TX
C. Hill - Lubbock, TX

August 2010
Thank you for sharing your cute and clean cabin with us. We really enjoyed the birds and deer. Maybe next time we will see a bear. It was so relaxing sitting on the porch and enjoying the cool air. Enjoyed listening to the Christian music and reading "Live Forever, Amen." What a wonderful place to enjoy time with family and our Lord.
God Bless,
Tim and Gina Speer - Midland, TX

August 2010
Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at your beautiful cabin. It was much more than we expected and we all had a great time. The weather was nice and cool, compared to Texas weather, and we enjoyed watching the hummingbirds on the swing. It was a great place to come and spend time with the family.
Thanks again,
The Nickerson family - Snyder, TX
p.s. looking forward to next year

August 2010
Thank you for allowing us to stay at this beautiful cabin. We enjoyed sitting outside and enjoying the hummingbirds. They were beautiful. We watched the deer eat this morning and we all had a great time. Thank you for allowing us to stay in this peaceful cabin.

We were stationed here at Holloman AFB 42 years ago. This was perfect. Boy, what a change in Alamogordo! God is truly present in this cabin. We enjoyed all the wildlife - the hummingbirds, deer and for the first time, Stellar Blue Jays - beautiful!  Our family - grandparents, daughter & son-in-law, and grandchildren had a wonderful time. The music provided was so peaceful, also. All of us eating at the same table, playing at the same table - how wonderful. We will definitely be back again, but way before 40 years!
God bless you always,
The Annis and McGee families  - South Carolina and Colorado

August 2010
Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at this awesome house! It was way more than any of us expected! AWESOME. The hummingbirds were beautiful. We all watched them for at least an hour when we first got here. We saw a bear, too, and deer and many other birds. Fidoh (a cute dog) visited us and played with us while we swung on the swing and played frisbee. This is such a beautiful house, we can't thank you enough. Plans are being thought of, to when we will return.
Love, the Knox family - Grapevine, TX
p.s. We absolutely LOVED the board games! Pictionary and Monopoly rock. :)

August 2010
What a great weekend... I can't tell you how long it's been since we came out here. This was so needed and the kids loved every minute of it! The minute we pulled up and walked in, I knew God was in this home. As the kids slept, I spent quiet time every morning, looking out the top window feeling the breeze on my face. Thank you for blessing us with such a beautiful, well kept home. We felt at home and didn't want to leave. God has such great plans and blessings for this home. Thanks again and we will be back again and again.
The Gerstemiers - El Paso, TX
p.s. The deer were awesome and the hummingbirds put on a great show for us. Who needs TV!

July 2010
This is our second stay at Cedar Lodge and we loved it just as much as the first time. It was chilly the first night, so we really enjoyed the hot chocolate mix and hot tea.

No sooner had we put the corn out than we had a pair of white tail deer appear. We also had a friendly visit from the neighborhood dogs. Later we saw chipmunks and stellar jays and the huge wood doves. At night a mule dear came to eat. And of course, the hummingbirds kept us entertained as we sat on the porch in the evenings, after dinner.

It's so nice to have enough space for everyone. We played a lot of board games and just generally relaxed. We also enjoyed a hike down the trestle trail. The cool weather was a welcome relief from the 100 degree days at home.

We enjoyed being able to make pancakes and spice cake. It allowed us to stay in on a rainy day, instead of going into town. Thanks for sharing your lovely cabin!
The Pipkins - Tulsa, OK
p.s. The kids just read this and reminded me that they really enjoyed watching the nestlings on the porch, and reading the books in your upstairs library, especially the James Herriott books and the ones on Alcatraz. 

July 2010
Lisa, we appreciated your helpful attitude and the work that you have put into this cabin. It was a beautiful place to stay during our family reunion. Thanks again,
The Binders - Silverdale, WA

July 2010
Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at your beautiful cabin. We made some great memories here! My family enjoyed seeing all the wildlife here. We are going to miss this place and hope to be back soon! Thanks for everything!
The Fierros - Carlsbad, NM

July 2010
Thanks again for providing a great haven for us to retreat to. It's always great times and beautiful memories. Our Grandkids will never forget this place.
The Loftin & Trantham families - Alamogordo, NM

July 2010
Thank you for a great stay in your delightful cabin! Our three nights here just weren't enough! Though we put out corn early in the mornings, we never had deer. But in the night it would disappear. We saw a raccoon one evening, then last night a bear. Made our trip! Loved the hummingbirds :)  Your hospitality was evident in everything in the cabin. Your Christian witness also shows in the magazines, decor and love the cabin reflects. Bless you for opening your home to us.
Mike & Tina Phillips - McKinney, TX

June 2010
We all had a great time. The cabin was perfect. Seeing all the wildlife: bear, turkey, deer, etc. Thank you for making our stay a great experience. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace.
The Troell family - Goliad, TX
The Matthews family - Alvarado, TX

June 2010
Wow, what a week! It ended with a bang with a huge brown bear on the front porch last night! Thanks for everything. The cabin is awesome and has everything! Peace!
The Petrash Family - Ganado, TX
"And I will fill this house with Glory" Hagaii 2:7

June 2010
Thank you for everything! We had a great time in your beautiful cabin!! Thanks for all the little extras. May God bless you for being a blessing.
The White Families - Lubbock, TX

May 2010
Hello, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Cedar Lodge. Thank you so much for opening  your home to us. We made a trip to White Sands and had a great time sledding. We love your huge table that provided a place for arts & crafts and meal time. We also got to see the deer on our last morning here. The weather was fantastic all 3 days. We will definitely be back. God bless you.
Paul, Holly, Emilee, Isabella and Joshua - Canutillo, TX

May 2010
We just can't tell you how much we enjoyed our stay here. It was perfect and well suited to all of us. It was one hundred times better than staying in a camper or tent. Everything that we needed was here and ready. Thank you for being so thoughtful!
The Gainer Family (all 12 of them!) - Levelland & Lubbock, TX and Tatum, Hobbs & Caprock, NM.

April 2010
Words can't express how much Paul and I loved our weekend here at the cabin. Paul said he truly enjoyed the privacy and quietness we had. The weather turned out to be great. It only snowed a little on Friday night, but the next two days were beautiful! We can't wait to come up here again for Memorial Weekend. Thank you, Jesus, for such beautiful scenery to enjoy and thank you, Lisa & Rick, for opening up your beautiful cabin for people like us to have memories to cherish. God bless you and your family!
Paul and Holly Malec - Canutillo, TX

March 2010
Hello, my name is Mycah and I am 10 years old. When we got here, I thought the room I claimed was the best. It has flowers on the blanket on the bed. I wish that was my room. Then we unloaded all our stuff. After that we went sledding. I thought it would be scary, but it was funner than I thought. Oh, I forgot to mention my dad and my brother were with me. After sledding we went to a barbeque place. Next we went back to the lodge and since there was no deer corn, we fed the chicken scratch. One deer threw up and the baby deer seemed to like it. Mikey, my brother, tried to scare the deer, but it didn't work. After that we played chess. First daddy won, then Mikey. I lost. Then we played Risk. Daddy first place, me second and Mikey, third. It was funner than I thought. Finally we went to bed. In the morning we had oatmeal and breakfast bars for lunch. Next Mikey took skiing lessons then went skiing with daddy. I didnt' go because I never wear pants! Meanwhile, I just read By the Shores of Silver Lake. I am so, so, so, sorry the cover came off the book. It was already worn out when I found it. Next we went to the observatory. On our way back I fell asleep in the car. I woke up, our dad got us a pizza. I made myself some hot cocoa then we played Risk again. This time I won first, Mikey second and daddy third. Now I started to write in this journal. Tomorrow will be the day we leave. Thank you for letting us stay in Cedar Lodge and having the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder here.Thank you again!
me - Mycah Smith (4th grade, 10 yrs old)
brother - Mikey Smith (6th grade, 11 yrs old) 
daddy - Mike Smith (47 yrs old)
Carlsbad, NM

March 2010
Dear Lisa, this is my 6th time coming over to your wonderful cabin. I enjoy seeing all the wildlife coming and going. My name is Joseph (Morales) and I come from El Paso, TX. I just want to thank you for letting my family and I stay at your wonderful cabin.

Once again, Lisa, lots of wonderful memories at this wonderful winter getaway! It snowed today and the kids were in heaven! Thanks again and we will be back soon!
Julie Morales and family - El Paso, TX

March 2010
Thank you for letting us stay at your wonderful cabin. We all had fun. It is beautiful out here. Y'all did very good with the cabin. There was a lot of snow out here and thank you for the disks you put out. We had a lot of fun with them. There was a lot of deer. They were big and thank you for the food for the deer.
Yvonne Dominguez, age 12 - Mason, TX

February 2010
Thanks for letting us stay at your cabin. Everything was perfect! We had a wonderful time.
Cathy Dortch - Midland, TX

February 2010
Thanks for letting us stay here! We had a lot of fun and we hope to come back next year. The snow was very fun and we went snowboarding. We went skiing on Thursday, Friday, and on Sunday we went sledding and it was so fun. I went so fast I flew in the air! It was fun in the cabin, too. We watched Monsters vs Aliens and Shrek 3, and it was so funny. The hot chocolate was very good and so was the oatmeal. These necklaces and medallions are for y'all to keep. We got a lot from the Mardi Gras parade. My brother and I made a snowman and we fed the corn to the deer. The deer at the carrot nose and the eyes and the mouth. It was an awesome trip and wish we could stay longer.
Nicold Zuhlke, age 11 - Jourdanton, TX

January 2010
Once again we had a great time here. My wife rattled the corn bucket as soon as we arrived at 4pm and it took the deer about 2 minutes to show up. 2 does and 2 fawns - all mule deer. We saw a few white tail deer a little ways up the road. Our kids' friends had never seen deer up close like that. Cooper, from down the road (chocolate lab), came to say "Hi". Found a good sledding hill... Take Sunspot Hwy 5.5 mi and it will be a park on the left. Just avoid the first spot next to the aspens, unless you like picking wood out of your teeth! All the people in the Village were super friendly, as always, and helped make this all-too-short trip awesome!
The Bakers and friends - El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM

January 2010
Thanks again for everything. We all appreciate all you provide! As I sit looking out the window, I'm filled with awe.  God is so good! Bless you and your family. See you in July!
The Loftins - Alamogordo, NM

January 2010
Happy New Year! Thanks for the wonderful family getaway! We really felt cozy and right at home with anything and everything we needed. This cabin is a mountain paradise. We had a great time playing in the snow, building a snowman, tubing at Triple M and ice skating. This was such a wonderful place to get away from it all.
The Mitchells - San Marcos, TX

December 2009
Thanks so much for another lovely year at your cabin! This hs been a family tradition for 4 years and every year we have even more fun. This year we were pleasantly surprised by lots of snow and we had a snowball fight and built a snowman and snowdog! :-) Thanks again and have a wonderful new year!
The Douglas Family - Las Cruces ,NM

December 2009
Today is December 12. I am here at the cabin and am having lots of fun. This morning, me and my sisters and my brother went outside and played in the snow. Me and my sisters and brother built a snowman. The scary part was on our way here, we got stuck on the ice so we had to go up to the nearest cabin and asked for help. She got us safely to the cabin. Becky
Me and my little sister, Michelle, built a ramp and a snowman. We had fun and plan to come back as soon as we can! Thank you, Lisa, for letting us stay at your cabin.
Morales family - El Paso, TX

November 2009
We had a great Thanksgiving here, at the cabin! We enjoyed driving into Cloudcroft, then Alamogordo and Ruidoso. Kids got to ski and scenery was great! Thanks a million!
The Humphreys, Haertners and Stolzmans - Johnson City, TX

November 2009
Thank you very much for sharing your mountain home with us. We had a great time and the cabin was perfect!
The Hatch Boys - Las Cruces, NM (came up to go hunting!)

October 2009
Thank you for a lovely stay! Many nice touches - perfect cabin for a family getaway.
The Ledfords - Tucson, AZ

October 2009
We had a wonderful weekend and what a beautiful cabin! Thank you for your hospitality.
The Klines - Albuquerque, NM

October 2009
Thanks for the great place to stay at. Weather was awesome with rain and sunshine, yet mostly fun. This is a great time and I will be back.
Amarillo, TX

October 2009
Beautiful scenery, deer, birds, trees & mountains - it's all been great. Thanks for the getaway, it's been memorable.
Amarillo, TX

Thank you very, very much for allowing us to enjoy such a beautiful and peaceful cabin. We enjoyed the birds, the deer and the time together. We looked forward into coming down to see the deer come down early in the morning to feed. Feeding the hummingbirds was an enjoyful adventure.
Thank you!
The Onsurez' - El Paso, TX

August 2009
Your place is lovely and relaxing. We came to get away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind. The weather was refreshing. The cabin was clean and well stocked. We saw between 2 to 5 deer (does and fawns) each morning and evening. Hummingbirds, other birds and chipmunks were around to show off during the day. My husband heard a bear calling during the night.
Thanks again,
Marc and Carol Boswell - Andrews, TX

August 2009
Thanks so much! We had a wonderful time staying here. Our two boys loved the bird feeders and the rope swing! We saw a beautiful deer eating the corn out back and they were entranced - watching her the entire time she was there. We heard Hammy the Squirrell on the roof, one morning, but didn't see much other wildlife. The cabin is so beautiful and so well stocked. The CDs, books and children's toys were an unexpected bonus. We'll definitely be back!
Thanks again!
David, Susan, Dylan and Connor Campbell - Austin, TX
Yaeko Campbell - Roswell, NM

August 2009
Thank you so much for sharing this cabin. It's an amazing place! Our time was too short. We did a lot of sight seeing and not enough time at the cabin for my taste. If it had been up to just me, I would have loved to just hang around here. You have done a wonderful job with this place and you deserve some kind of award. We saw the birds, the deer, but that was all. We were fine with not seeing a bear. Your cabin is a blessing to all who come here. You must have a servant's heart! God bless you and your family. Thanks again for a great place to stay.
Terry & Terri Luck - Midland, TX
Peggy Wood - San Angelo, TX
Lauren Padget - Midland, TX
p.s. We saw some beautiful elk in the road on Saturday evening, coming back from Ruidoso.

August 2009
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful cabin and beautiful spot with us. We had a wonderful, peaceful time here. You have done a great job of making your guests feel welcome & comfortable. Thanks.
Julie Meaghan, Michael & Kinley Moore - Wichita Falls, TX

August 2009
Lisa, you have created a little piece of heaven right here in New Mexico! We loved getting to be surrounded by the natives -
Rufus, the bully hummingbird
Stellar, the Stellar Jay
Oh Deer, the shy doe
Rascal Raccoon, who greeted us upon our arrival
The Four Bucks (looking for change for a $5! LOL)
Baby Bear
and the host of other nice folks we met along the way. As Goldilocks would say, this place was JUST RIGHT for our family pilgrimmage to Cloudcroft. Thanks for your kindnesses, thoughtful preparation and for making this place as comfortable as home - but as great as a spa in the hills!
Lisa Heintz & Ken & Drew - Ohio
Chris Harper - Minnesota
Bev Rutledge - Illinois

July 2009
What a nice place! It was so convenient to our family reunion. Three days of family - up to 80 - and this place to decompress. Beautiful.
The Ragsdales (all 8 of us) - Roswell, NM

July 2009
We're really glad we stopped off in Cloudcroft and this cabin was perfect. Lisa, you've got this set up very thoughtfully for your guests. We've had a really relaxing few days. We've been travelling in Arizona and New Mexico, and Cedar Lodge has been a great chance to slow down. The wood pigeons always ate the corn so the deer didn't get much chance, but we've had a lot of amusement from the hummingbirds. One is the playground bully and seems to have decided it's his territory. He very thoroughly scares off any others (he is a very big hummingbird). We met several interesting people in Cloudcroft, tho seemingly, not many Scottish people up here. We'll try to encourage more.
Neil & Karen Blain - Glasgow, Scotland
p.s. deer turned up just before we left.

July 2009
Tuesday - we were surprised at how nice everything is. The first day we saw 2 deer walking around the cabin, and lots of birds. Ate lunch at Big Daddy's; the food was good for a small town. Liked the small shops in the center of town. At dusk, 5-6 deer came back. They watch us as much as we watch them. It was wonderful.
Wednesday - left early to go explore. No deer this a.m. Made sure we put out corn for them - hope to see some tonight. Went to Ruidoso, it is a nice town. It is very quiet at night, almost erie. Only one deer returned, but it was  a delight to see it. Thanks Lisa. I really needed to de-stress after the past two months. This was God-sent.
Mary & Joe Ward - Keller, TX

July 2009
7/3 So far I've loved everything about this cabin. It's very cozy. But as for animals, I've spread corn out back but only hummingbirds to be seen. Kaylie Wilmot, age 11
7/4 Three deer today. We were all very excited to see 3 deer out back eating corn. Also, I never knew orange hummingbirds existed. I've seen a few here. The bed was very comfortable. p.s. orange hummingbirds are Rufus type of birds.
7/5 We saw 7 deer this morning! Unfortunately, today is also the day we have to leave. Thanks for letting us stay at your cabin.
Kaylie, Bradley, Paul & Karin Wilmot - Carlsbad, NM

July 2009
We stayed 2 nights and really loved it. Everything is so clean and fresh. We made pancakes one morning and found everything we needed to cook. Sitting on the front porch was a real treat. We especially liked watching the hummingbirds, listening to the wind blowing through the trees, and all the fresh smells. We really enjoyed it and hope to stay again sometime.
The Anderson Family - New Braunfels, TX

June 2009
Simply wonderful! Told my friends we were staying in a cabin in the woods and they laughed... we live in the woods of NE Mississippi with: deer, fox, bobcats, coons, possum, rabbis and, like here, hummingbird - except yours are louder.
What we don't have and got to see 3 times the first full day here, on the 15th, was the black bear. He woke us up at 6am, lumbering up on the porches. He had come up on the front porch and got at the hummingbird feeders. We were surprised he did without knocking anything over. We took the feeders down at night after that. We were watching a movie that night when we heard some thunking. My husband looked out the front window and looked right into the bear's face! Zacary, my son, saw him one more time late that evening, in the front yard.
Last night, driving back to the cabin at 9pm, we saw 3 large elk and 15-20 deer between the road to Ruidoso and the Cloudcroft Ski Area (I used to work there part-time 15 years ago).
The trip for us was to show my almost 15 year old twins where they were born and lived until age 2. Staying here, at your fabulous cabin, has made the trip into an exquisite and very special family memory.
I will be spreading the word about your incredible place and how you have created a place that exceeds expectations and is stocked with numerous things to make you feel very pampered and appreciated.
Grace and peace to you and yours,
The Oswalt Family - Pontotoc County, MS

June 2009
Thank you! Such a lovely, serene setting. The first morning we had 7 deer come by. We only saw one deer on the second morning, but there was a lot of outside activity in the area. We put out the corn in the a.m. and it was gone when we came back - something enjoyed it. :-) You have a great place and very well supplied. We really did enjoy the music - great selections - the music was playing most of the time we were in the house. Thank you!! We sat in the evenings and "visited" with the hummingbirds - good fun. We heard Hammie. This was a great time and place to renew and revisit with family & friends. We recalled old memories and made new memories. We'd like to return when this would be our destionation and not just a home base.
Very rewarding and blessed time. Thank you and God bless.
Lavella & Calvin Wright - Aloha, OR
Edward Wright - Lawton, OK

June 2009
Hi. I'm Emily. We had so much fun. We saw 22 deer; two of them were babies. One day we made bird feeders. You make them like this. First you spread peanut butter on a pinecone, then you put birdseeds on the pine cone with peanut butter and then hang it in a tree. If you have never been here, here are some good places - Big Dad(dy)'s, White Sands, see the bats fly, and the Cave. They are all very cool. Thank you for letting us stay here.
from The Galvan and Lininger Families
p.s. We heard Hammie. He makes a lot of noise.

March 2009
This is our second time here and it's still the best vacation ever. My family and I saw different kinds of animals starting with cats to deer: dogs, turkeys, deer, cats, blue jays. Sitting outside enjoying the fresh, fresh air  breathing in nature - which we don't get in our home town. The happiness of being alone - just family and me. I love it here. Thanks for making this just perfect. I love it. Thank you.
Family Veloz - El Paso, TX

March 2009
Wonderful cabin! The kitchen was great. You have put a lot of thought into everything at the cabin. Everything we needed and more was right here. We went to White Sands the first day and Ruidoso the next two days.
Animal Sightings: 3/18 We arrived late, but Tank the yellow dog escorted us to the cabin. We put out corn, but no wild animals that night. 3/19 Blue jays right at daylight, then one turkey. 9:30am 11 deer showed up to feed. They stayed until Tank ran them off. Three more deer when we got home at 5pm, then one more deer at 8pm. 3/20 Turkeys and lots of deer at daylight. Numerous deer all day long. At least 13 in one group, at dusk. No elk here, but we saw some on the road to Ruidoso. Loved the cabin. Thanks!
The Allen Family - Durant, OK

March 2009
What a fabulous find! We loved the cabin with all its comforts of home. The kitchen was amazing for a get-away cabin and we ate well... loved Big Daddy's - thanks for the recommendation. The weather was awesome - 20s to 40s and we enjoyed a little snow here in Cloudcroft amd 3 days of skiing in Ruidoso. The kids loved their rooms and electric blankets! (we don't need those in S. Texas!) Thanks again and may God bless your beautiful little cabin and all your efforts.
Dawn Dylla - Poth, TX
I loved this cabin because I got to feed lots of different animals and see them closely. We saw deer, elk, turkeys and blue jays. When we left corn out in the morning and left to Ruidoso and came back, it was always gone! An animal would always come morning, day and night. Thank you for letting me stay here!
Devon Dylla, age 12 - Poth, TX

February 2009
Thank you for inviting us into your wonderful home. It was great. The kids loved to see and feed the deer. the Mardi Gras festivities were also enjoyable. We will be back.
Kahlina & James Valadez - Midland, TX

February 2009
Mrs. Fitzwater - Thanks for letting us stay in your cabin. I love it. It is so cozy. I got the upstairs bedroom with the pink quilt. It was just like the bedrooms in Little House on the Prairie. I've always wanted to sleep in a room like that. Last night we watched a movie. The living room is super comfortable. It fit all six of us just right! My favorite part is feeding the deer. They let us sit on the steps and watch them. Are those three the ones that always come? I'll call them Annie, Jane and Spicey. We also saw wild turkeys. I'm sooo glad my parents picked this cabin.
P.S. Your kitchen has everything.
Later: today only one deer, Annie, came today (this morning). She shared the feeder with a flock of wild turkeys. But about an hour later, she came back with 7 other does!  Jane, who is the largest & the leader, got first dibs. I think she has a fawn, because the baby stuck close to Jane and she even got to eat with her. Jane usually chases away all other deer until she finishes. I named the baby Jessa.
Aubrey Parke (11 yrs) - Schertz, TX

February 2009
Thank you for letting us come to your cabin. I liked seeing the deer. Jason Klatt - age 9
Thank you for sharing this wonderful cabin with us. We enjoyed the scenery and had an awesome chocolate pie from the Mercantile store. Since we didn't have any snow, we went to White Sands to "sled." We'll be back!
The Klatts - Shallowater, TX

January 2009
Thank you for this great cabin. My family and I had so much fun looking at deer. We tried to find bears, but no - but it was still the best vacation ever. I hope we come back soon. Thank you!
Elisa Veloz & family - El Paso, TX

January 2009
This is the 2nd time we have rented your cabin. It is so cozy & relaxing. We especially enjoy all the deer. We also saw a raccoon and blue jays. The kids really enjoy playing in the snow - sledding & ice skating. We will be back. We enjoy your cabin & Cloudcroft so much better than Ruidoso. Thank you.
The Bakers - El Paso, TX

January 2009
I liked the animals the most and I had a lot of fun. But I wanted to see a bear. There were a couple of spiders but I had a lot of fun. Hope me and my family can come back soon.
Andres Fierro - El Paso, TX

New Years weekend
We liked the deer and racoons that came by often. The cabin's decorations and amenities. Other than food, you provided everything we needed. Everything was great! We hope to come back soon.
The Delgados - El Paso, TX

December 2008
Thanks! We had a wonderful time (again). We can't wait until next year!
God Bless,
The Douglases & the Guins - Las Cruces, NM

December 2008
Everything was great, as always!
The Canales - El Paso, TX

October 2008
Very relaxing. The wildlife was great - whitetail & mule deer, raccoons, birds, hummingbirds, it was great! The cabin was very cozy and the extras, such as breakfast, was much appreciated. What a nice place to get away and blow off steam. Tank (yellow dog) and Ebite (brindle) visited and made us feel at home. The surrounding areas had great hikes! We will definitely recommend to our friends.
The Spechts - San Antonio, TX

October 2008
Just what we needed.

Grazing deer
soft breeze
hopefully, fearing bears

Boys, boys
sweatshirts, sticky hands & faces
tiny teeth, munching apple pie

Swinging, silently laughing
big, blue-tongued, yellow-orange dog
pine trees

Peace, happiness
tiny mission church

The Warr Family - Grant, NM

October 2008
We had a very lovely visit, the only problem was that it wasn't long enough. Cloudcroft is one of our favorite places. We had the best time getting whooped at RISK by my husband, but not to worry - I reigned supreme at Yahtzee! You have made a very charming cabin a joy to stay in. Thank you so much.
Deborah, Danny & Joshua Hawkins - Roundrock, TX
p.s. my fave is all the lovely lotions in every room, and the spiced cranberry soap was yummy.

September 2008
This experience, staying at this lovely cabin, was amazing. The cabin has such beautiful decor & I love the picture by the table of the names of God. I love the books & wooden toys you provide for the guests, and especially the fully equipped kitchen w/all the amenities. I think the best thing about this week, other than spending time with my family, was getting to spend time with our very good friends. You are wonderful, gracious hosts, so warm and kind. It was truly an amazing week and now we head back home with rest and peace that our beautiful surroundings, extraordinary cooking and superb company provided us. May God pour down his blessings on you and your loved ones always. We love you!
Team Tibbets (Bart, Monika, Grant, Hunter & Keira) - El Paso, TX

September 2008
This was our second stay here and it was as wonderful as the first. We brought our daughter, Valerie, our grandson, Kendall, and our granddaughter, Abigail. We all loved it. The cabin is so cozy and comfortable and we enjoyed the wildlife - deer, hummingbirds, blue jays, turkeys, also the butterflies. God has blessed us in many ways. Thanks again.
The Simmons - Slaton, TX

September 2008
Thank you for letting us stay at this sweet, wonderful cabin. Everything was just perfect. My son & daughter loved it! The baby stuff was great to have to use, and the wildlife was fun to watch. My son loved getting up each morning and watching the deer and playing with the neighborhood dog. Nothing beats coming here and getting our lungs full of fresh mountain air!
Valerie, Kendall & Abigail Follis - Idalou, TX

September 2008
Enjoyed our 2 nights here for our 37th wedding anniversary. The deer and the friendly dog were entertaining! Thanks for the beautiful furnished cabin and stocked cabinets.We missed the bear and we want to come back and stay longer so we can see him. Oh yes, thanks so much for the tip on those wonderful pies at Mountain Top Mercantile!
Charley & Dianne Smith - Wichita Falls, TX

August 2008
This was our 2nd stay here and we loved it - you keep your cabin so nice! It was great fun watching the hummingbirds, too.
The Malones - Roswell, NM

August 2008
This cabin was all that was advertised! We had a great time. It was good to get the family together again. Hopefully we can do it again next year. Your cabin has everything you need. We used the grill most every night. Steaks are great cooked in the mountains. Thanks for a great time.
The Parchman family - Lubbock & Keller, TX

August 2008
We had a great time here! We love your cabin and appreciate your well stocked kitchen, which enabled us to make several delicious meals. We saw deer, a rabbit and lots of hummingbirds, but sad to say - no bears. My three girls really loved the swing. We made some great memories and look forward to returning here again. God bless you.
The Shreves - El Paso, TX

August 2008
We had another fabulous trip! As always, we enjoyed the weather and the wildlife. Summer wouldn't be the same without a relaxing trip to Cedar Lodge to recharge everyone's batteries before school starts. Thanks for everything.
The Courtwright Family - Las Cruces, NM
P.S. The bear visited us around 8 pm and fell off the porch. Very exciting!

July 2008
This cabin is so cozy and wonderful that the kids are already asking when we can return! Upon our arrival, it was raining and we were greeted by Ebite, a friendly neighborhood dog. He spent all night and the next morning on the front porch. The kids loved playing with him, and he chased away a raccon intent on getting the bird feeders. His owner got him Sunday noon, and he hasn't visited since. The kids have enjoyed the swing, the toys and games, and feeding the wildlife in the feeder out back. Unfortunately, my husband got sick on Monday with either bronchitis or pneumonia. The local family doctor wouldn't see him, so we made a trip to Alamogordo to a clinic. He toughed it out a few nights here, but the altitude made it difficult for him so we left one day early. However, we've really enjoyed our stay and look forward to returning!
The Burgans - Frisco, TX

July 2008
We really enjoyed the cabin and all the extras that you provided. We found the beds very comfortable and really enjoyed sitting on the deck. When we arrived on Saturday, the bird nest on the front door had 3 blue eggs in it, our girls were very excited when they hatched on Tuesday. We enjoyed watching the mother bird feed her 3 babies. On Wednesday, we made a day trip to White Sands and went shopping. When we returned that night, we were greeted by a raccoon on the deck. We thought we scared him away, but after we entered the cabin we heard a loud commotion on the deck and a bump on the door. When we opened the door, the 3 baby birds were laying on the door mat and mother bird was no where to be found. We used a tissue and gently placed the baby birds back in the nest (they were still alive) and watched all that day for the mother to return - she never came back. We don't know if the coon got her or not. After the mother failed to return, our girls made a mush of bread and milk and fed the babies with an eye dropper. However, despite our best efforts, the babies died one by one until Friday when the last baby died. It was a sad time. Our girls gently buried them by the tree with the swing on it. Other than that, we had a great time watching the deer, the birds, a rabbit, and oh yes, Ebite, the large friendly dog who would bring us pine cones to throw and he would fetch them.
Thanks again for a wonderful and beautiful week.
The Ludecke's - Stamford, TX

July 2008
We really enjoyed our stay at your lovely cabin. We sat on the porch in the evenings and enjoyed the smell of the fresh mountain air. One night we left the lights off for a while and watched the animals wander by - we saw deer, raccoons, rabbits, and very briefly, a bear! We watched bats swooping, too. We also enjoyed games, since it rained for some of our stay. It was nice to have some fun family time in a beautiful setting. And the fully equipped kitchen was a real blessing, allowing us to cook in several nights. Thanks for sharing your cabin with us!
The Pipkins - Tulsa, OK

July 2008
WOW! Words cannot describe how much we enjoyed ourselves. This was our boys first time in a forest. They had a blast on the swing, walking on trails and seeing the pine trees! You have a beautiful place. It was warm and cozy and much more than we expected. Hammy did visit and we laughed so hard! We saw two beautiful deer eating out back along side a rabbit. Again, thanks for everything. All I can end with is... WOW!
The Flores' - McAllen, TX

July 2008
We had a great time and enjoyed our stay. Times like these make memories that are precious and will stay with us forever. We are from El Paso, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; and Thomasville, AL. We only spent one night here, but that time was well spent. We saw deer and the bear here, yesterday. My little girls caught their first rainbow trout yesterday. Thank you for the memories.
The Moores, the Gaskills and the Elders

July 2008
Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your wonderful cabin. We have very much enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful wildlife. The hummingbirds, rabbits, deer and woodpeckers were absolutely amazing. It was really nice to get away and relax for a while. 
The Hill-Rutledge-Arbuckles - Sundown, TX

June 2008
Our family of six, the Bradleys, from Stuart, Florida spent 3 nights here. We all enjoyed our stay. The children loved the cabin and were thrilled with the wildlife - hummingbirds, deer, porcupine, and while watching a movie Friday night, a black bear was sitting just outside the living room window. We cooked in two nights, played board games - RISK - and enjoyed the many cozy things the cabin had to offer. Thank you!
David, Gina, Zachary, Marissa, Joseph & Jeffrey - Stuart, FL

June 2008
What a lovely place. Thanks for the music! go above and beyond. We have stayed at other cabins in the area - this is the best! Thanks for a great family weekend.
The Stepps - Lubbock & Odessa, TX

May 2008
Although we had a very short stay, we truly enjoyed your cabin! It has a very cozy, comfortable and home-like feel to it. We do plan to come back and visit very soon. Thank you for your hospitality.
The Rhodes Family - Albuquerque, NM
p.s. The view is beautiful. I enjoyed myself a lot. I hope we come back. It's so peaceful, calm and perfect. J. Rhodes

March 2008
This place is beautiful! Deer welcomed us Thursday night, when we arrived, and wild turkeys came by today to see us off. Such hospitality! This cabin, with all its comfort, helps us relax and forget about our busy lives. We've recharged and are ready to tackle anything - at least up to the next holiday or weekend when we can get away again. Love it!
Lori - El Paso, TX

March 2008
Lisa, once again, thanks for an amazing spring break (this is our 3rd year). The kids loved it and I fell in love with this cabin all over again. The upgrades are wonderful. We'll see you again next spring break, if not sooner. God bless!
J. Morales - El Paso, TX

March 2008
Hi, my name is Becky and I'm from El Paso. I just wanted to say that I always enjoy coming over and visiting this cabin. I have awesome times here. I love all the new upgrades! You have a very beautiful and cozy cabin. Thank you for the wonderful times here.
Becky - El Paso, TX

March 2008
Wonderful! Thank you for providing our family with such a great getaway. The change of pace for us was much needed. We loved the cabin, the wildlife, the kitchen table, the scenery, the electric blankets, and the REST. God bless you richly!
The Robinsons - Edmond, OK

February 2008
Greetings! While arriving at about 8:00 at night, it was dark and snowing mildly. We all arrived - the six of us college students. We were in a great shock of such an amzaing cabin this is! As we settled into the cabin, everything we found was great! The rooms, the chimney, the kitchen, and finally the great scenery, the deer and raccoons coming out at night. Our first night was amazing. It is morning time now and we cooked a delicious breakfast that was really "finger licking good!"

We all had a triumphant time. This is a really nice cabin and we hope to come back again! Thank you.
UTEP group - El Paso, TX

January 2008
Thank you again for a great place for our church leadership retreat.
Grace Bible Fellowship - El Paso, TX

January 2008
No snow - but we enjoyed the cabin. Saw deer and wild turkey. Too cool!
The Elias family - El Paso, TX

January 2008
Hi,This is Kim Wooten, Olivia Wooten, Jeff Wooten & Nikki Wooten. We would all just like to thank you a bunch for letting us stay in this beautiful cabin. My favorite part about this place was just having a good time and all the animals that visited us!
P.S. We hope we will come back!

It's the Wootens, again! Today, on 1-4-08, we saw millions of blue birds - it was beautiful. We also named a deer Elliot.

My family and I really enjoyed our stay. I love all the Christian books and wooden picture of "Jesus Christ ...and He Shall Be Called" - Love it! It was great to spend quality time with my family and have some silent prayer time, too. The deer and racoons were marvelous! Thank you! Michelle Wooten
1-6-08 We are off! Thank you for a wonderful stay. I left a spiritual warfare prayer book for the cabin. Enjoy!
The Wooten family - Rio Ranch, NM

January 2008
This has been great so far!
The Johnsons

December 2007
From all of us: THANK YOU! We love having such a wonderful place to spend time together as a family. We'll be back!
The Douglas family - Las Cruces, NM

December 2007
We had a wonderful time. The Cedar Lodge website doesn't do this house justice.Great snow, wildlife and most importantly, time with our family. Thanks
Patrick,Cindy and family - New Braunfels, TX

December 2007
Our week getaway was great! No traffic and busy city life was just what we needed. The cabin was cozy. We loved the wildlife! There was deer & turkey every day, up to 16 deer one day. Raccoons at night was a surprise, especially when he was on the front porch! The wife, kids and I had a wonderful December vacation in NM mountains in Cloudcroft.
The Benson family - Spring, TX

November 2007
We really enjoyed our weekend away. Did lots of eating & relaxing. The deer were a highlight. Weather was excellent.
Ester, Melvin, Mike, Sylvia, Jeff & Kim - Hobbs, NM

October 2007
Hello, my name is Karla. I loved everything in this house. It is neat and even the rooms, they are good. I loved them very much, even the house. Thank you very much. Love Karla.-El Paso

Thank you for this awesome cabin. I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I could be here for my whole life.
Jaime - El Paso, TX

October 2007
This house was such a blessing!
Jennifer - Rio Rancho, NM

October 2007
Thank you for the wonderful blessings that we encounter with the Lord. Victory was done. Thank you, Lord.
Yvonne - Los Lunas, NM

October 2007
There are no words that descibe how I felt this weekend. Continue to allow the Lord Jesus to use in the way that He does.
Liz - Belen, NM

October 2007
On the year of God's perfect number, even sisters in the Lord came down to meet with our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for the experience in this perfect cabin. Very clean and filled with God's presence. I thank you and pray that the Lord blesses each one that is used for the preparation of this cabin.
Ellen - Belen, NM

September 2007
Had a great time. Thanks.
The Waldens - Weatherford, TX

September 2007
We certainly enjoyed our stay. This was our 52nd anniversary. The cabin was perfect. Thanks again.
B & O.D. - Mineral Wells, TX

September 2007
The four of us had a great time! Our two year old, Andrew, loved feeding & watching the "reindeer". I loved how the cabin had such a clean, crisp feel and still very cozy. Our daughter, Mallory, loved watching the trees sway with with the wind. We will certainly be back. Thank you for the nice get away!
The Mosers - Lubbock, TX

September 2007
We really enjoyed our stay here. My grandson, wife and I had a great time. Thank you so much for the little things, like the spices, books and games. This is such a nice place to come to after chasing the little white ball all day at the Lodge golf course. We were so glad to see all the birds here, 'cause we didnt see many "birdies" there. Our grandson, Landen, really liked his bed at the top of the stairs. We have to come back soon. He wants to bring his mom and dad and two little brothers here. Thanks.
The Simmons - Slaton, TX

September 2007
This was exactly what we needed! Your cabin met all of our needs. My 3 girls really enjoyed the warmth of the wood burning stove, the comfort of the rooms, and the deer watching in the morning. The tree swing was also a big hit! Our family really bonded in this quaint cabin. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cabin.
The Whites - El Paso, TX

August 2007
We had a very relaxing & quiet time in your warm, inviting cabin. We loved the comfort of the rooms and the kitchen conveniences, and how clean and neat everything was. This was just the experience we needed and wanted. This was our first trip to Cloudcroft and we hope to return to Cedar Cabin for another restful time. We feed the white tail deer at our home, but it was delightful to see a mule deer, although she was painfully undernourished. Thank you.
The Moormans - Brady, TX

August 2007
Comfy, cozy & accommodating - sweet little home. So peaceful and quiet. Enjoyed everything! Thank you.
G.H. & M.F. - New Braunfels, TX

August 2007
Thanks for a nice stay.  The kids had fun in the woods!
K. F. - El Paso, TX

July 2007
We are back for the second time. As always, we had a great time!
The Courtwrights - Las Cruces, NM

July 2007
Jacob C. (4) says that he enjoyed his stay.  Thank you.

July 2007
Berry family gathered for a retreat. The cabin was spacious and comfortable. The cool weather made us feel like building a fire in the stove. We enjoyed the wood stove very much. One evening we cooked out on the grill and ate out on the porch. Thank you!
The Berry Family - Jarales, NM

July 2007
This trip has been one of the best by far. For the first time of staying in a cabin, it was great. The family was able to do so much together, and there are no words to describe the look on  my son's face when he saw the deer. Thank you for sharing the cabin with us and giving us the experience of a life time.
A.W. - Midland, TX

July 2007
Thank you for a wonderful 4-day stay. The cabin was perfect. Our two boys were like Goldie Locks the first night, looking for the perfect bed, with so many options. We came to ride dirt bikes, so we only spent mornings & evenings, but have enjoyed every minute. The wood burning stove has been nice to clear the chill. The cabin is so organized and the coffee is great! Thanks again.
The Elgin family - Buffalo Gap, TX

Easter 2007
The Bible talks about the Lord doing exceedingly, abundantly more than what we can ask for... our stay at your beautiful cabin, this weekend, was just that. Our family has never had a more awesome get away. The memories here were priceless. We had a blast playing board games, talking and walking. We could not say enough about how much we loved it here - it was perfect. Our oldest son, who just got back from Iraq, said that he was finally able to relax - what a blessing. I will tell my friends about this place, and come back as often as we can. Thanks for the incredible memories! He is risen - Praise the Lord!
The Wicker family - El Paso, TX

March 2007
Thanks, Lisa, for another wonderful get away!
Julie & kids - El Paso, TX

March 2007
Your cabin is absolutely beautiful! I've been here four times, and it still takes my breath away. It is so cozy here and it feels just like home. I love making trips over here and sleeping in those warm blankets. I love this cabin so very much.
B.S. - El Paso, TX

March 2007
We loved it here! We have 4 children and they were all excited to have a bed of their own after squeezing into hotel beds for the last few days. But, then they went ahead and all slept in one room. I guess it was the thought that mattered. We loved feeding the deer, swinging on the swing and watching the wood stove. We went out last night to see the blanket of stars and saw 5 falling stars. It was a very relaxing and magical stay. This is a very comfortable and welcoming cabin. We hate to leave. Thank you so much.
M.M. - Austin, TX

March 2007
What a lovely place to stay! Our two children, 14 and 10, loved having their own room. We loved all the wonderful touches like the fabulous lotions & soap, to the hot chocolate & pancake mix. The kids had a ball watching the stellar jays out back. Thank you, Lisa, for offering such a truly lovely place to relax and rejuvenate. We played several of the board games and enjoyed reading by the warmth of the awesome stove. We were awed to be welcomed by new snowfall - first snow ever for the kids! Upon arriving, they were out having snowball fights & making snow angels. We also enjoyed the swing out front. The CD collection was great, too! We look forward to another visit.
C.B. - College Station, TX

March 2007
We loved the cabin the minute we walked in! My 7 year old told us she wanted us to buy it! It was extremely homey and we felt right at home. Next time we will stay for more than one night. We were blessed by knowing your brother Derek, who was the one that told us about you. 'Til next time...
The Davis family - McAllen, TX (currently Carlsbad, NM)

February 2007
We enjoyed the time of prayer, fellowship and refreshment here in your cozy cabin. We were delighted to have a dusting of snow. The fireplace was very enjoyable, too. Several saw a herd of deer feeding down the road.
Leadership Retreat, Grace Bible Fellowship - El Paso, TX

February 2007
What a wondrous get away. This place and all its surroundings made our annual "anniversary get away" one of the best yet. Now we can't wait to come again with the family to share all of God's creation with them in a very awesome fashion. Thank you so much for a very comfortable and home-like setting. God bless and many happy returns! P.S. Really enjoyed the music, too!
J. Wheeler - El Paso, TX

January 2007
When I first saw the cabin with all the snow surrounding it, it was just picture-perfect. Tonight was our first night, and already it's the perfect weekend getaway. I am very thankful I had the chance to come up with my boyfriend's family. Thanks a bunch!
M.K. - El Paso, TX

January 2007
Thank you for the perfect weekend! We have always enjoyed Cloudcroft & your cabin has been the best stay so far. We had 11 deer in the back yard and three of them 4 feet away. Late at night, we saw raccoons. The deer enjoy your Pachabel CD, mostly #7. They came running twice when we put it on! It snowed Saturday and made the scenery beautiful. We took the kids sledding and ice skating. I took pictures of my husband cleaning off the car! Thanks again.
D. Baker - El Paso, TX

January 2007
Thank you for the great stay. We loved it all! We will definitely stop by again, some day. Thanks again and God bless.
J. Powell - San Antonio, TX

January 2007
The place is beautiful! Your decoration is great. We spent a wonderful time here. We hope to return some day. Thank you. God bless you all!
V.R. - Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

December 2006
We all had a wonderful time. Too bad it was only for one night. My family and I were all wonderfully surprised at how everything was so clean, all the amenities and everything else. We're looking forward to being able to do this again (but for more than one night!) soon. Thanks again for your hospitality.
R.S. - El Paso, TX

December 2006
Thanks so much for allowing us to rent your beautiful cabin! Everything was so wonderful and we very much appreciated your hospitality. We loved being able to feed the deer and see the beautiful snowfall. We are so grateful for our time, albeit short, up here. May God bless you as you continue your hospitality towards others!
The Douglas family - Las Cruces, NM

Christmas 2006
This is our first trip to Cloudcroft. Within the first hour after unloading the trucks, there were about 4 deer only feet away from the back door. And since then, we've had about 4 sightings. Awesome! The next day, we had about 10 deer at the back door! We've enjoyed the cabin immensely. Going into town shopping was fun, too! The cabin was stocked with goodies, as well. We love the big deck & wood stove; kept us toasty! We will definitely be back next year. Thanks again, Lisa &  Rick!
The Melder family - Corpus Christi, TX

Thanksgiving 2006
Thanks a lot. We had a great time here at Cedar Lodge. I always loved coming up to Cloudcroft when I was a kid. I'm originally from El Paso, so we came up here often. Although I haven't been up here in over 15 years, not much has changed and Cloudcroft is still one of my top 3 vacation spots. This is Vero's first time in Cloudcroft, and we both enjoyed watching the wildlife come up to the back window and grab a bite to eat. The upstairs has wonderful views. I liked the fact that you provide maps, booklets, and basically any other info on stuff to see and do in Cloudcroft. The soap and lotion were great. I'm keeping both website addresses for future references, in case I run out of soap or get time off to escape reality. Once again, thanks a lot.
Armando & Vero - Denton, TX

November 2006
Enjoyed our stay very much. It is a pleasant surprise to stay where someone can cook (not to mention all the goodies needed to cook with). We brought our 8" telescope and all I can say is "wow".
R. Whitaker - Arlington, TX

October 2006
Lisa and Family: Thank you very much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful cabin. It is very homey and the best family get together we have ever had. We appreciate all the supplies you had available for us. We hope to visit again. Thank you again.
The Byrne & Martinez families - El Paso, TX

October 2006
Your cabin provided such a relaxing weekend for our family. The extra touches you provide gave such conveniences & hominess! The soaps & lotions are wonderful - the kitchen provided everything we needed. The feeder provided great sights through the window. Thank you and we will be back again soon.
The Trantham family - Lubbock, TX

October 2006
This is a great cabin. Very peaceful & relaxing. I can't wait to bring my family & friends here. P.S. I just saw 6 deer eating the food I put out for them. Wow!
K. Patterson - El Paso, TX

October 2006
Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Your cabin was comfortable. We felt very at home. We enjoyed "fattening up" the deer & blue jays.
T. Rambo - Hale Center,TX

September 2006
Thank you very much. We enjoyed our stay again. We'll be back soon.
E.T. - El Paso, TX

August 2006
I loved the heavy rain. We don't get storms like that. I loved the flock of wild turkey. The fireplace is great & the decor is cozy. Being in the trees is relaxing. The blue jays, squirrels & hummingbirds are a treat. It was great to feel COLD for a change. The museum in town was amazing. It looked like one cabin, but is more than 8 buildings stuffed with Americana! I liked the cabin where 12 kids were raised, and the old railroad caboose. I'd never seen one that old. I had a great stay. Rained a lot, but sunny every day to get out and explore. Thanks.
G.D. - La Mesa, CA

August 2006
Thank you very much for the outstanding accommodations. Your cabin is truly beautiful and very comfortable. My family had a wonderful time watching the deer and blue jays feed on the corn. We look forward to our trip back in October.
D. Cortinas - Chaparral, NM

August 2006
Thank you for your outstanding hospitality! We felt right at home. Peace, quiet, "critters" and rain were just what the doctor ordered! We are already planning our next trip back. The deer, raccoon, birds and rabbit were quite entertaining. Thanks to the cool temps and lots of rain, our minds and bodies have been recharged - such a difference from the 100+ plus weather down South! Thanks again, we all had a great time!
D.B. - Carlsbad, NM

August 2006
Thank you for the accommodations. It was great. Thanks for all the little things. We will come back with all our family!
Joey & Hope - Post, TX

August 2006
We had a great time. Thanks for the comfortable accommodations. The cool weather was a wonderful break from the 100 degree weather of central Texas. Thanks.
S.N.- Gatesville, TX

August 2006
We had a great time. Enjoyed the nice, cozy cabin. It was so nice to get away from everything - see mountains, trees, and "rain". Thank you for inviting & sharing you wonderful place. And... well stocked. Thanks.
L.M. - Midland, TX

July 2006
Staying in your cabin made us feel right at home. It is wonderful. The kids loved the outdoors and we actually got to relax. Great experience. Thank you.
A.V. - El Paso, TX

July 2006
We had a wonderful time at your cabin! My husband & I are here for our 20th anniversary and it was so peaceful & relaxing! We didn't see any deer, but we watched a black bear for about 45 minutes! We definitely plan to come again and next time, with the kids! Thank you!
J.S. - San Antonio, TX

July 2006
We had a great time up in the beautiful mountains of Cloudcroft! Feeding the deer & watching the hummingbirds was great! Very peaceful & nice selection of CDs, too!
C. Miller - Chandler, AZ

July 2006
Your cabin is just lovely. We really enjoyed our stay. One night we saw a black bear out the back window. The wild life is awesome - don't see much of that in Raleigh. Hope to be back next year!
S. Leonard - Raleigh, NC

July 2006
We had such a relaxing weekend! We were ready to stay another week. Everyone from the 6 year old to the 63 year old, had a great time. We especially enjoyed the wildlife and the conversation around the wood stove while the rain poured down.
The Courtwright family - Las Cruces, NM

June 2006
The cabin was a hit with everyone. The grandkids loved the swing. We enjoyed the stay. According to one grandson, "this beats camping."
S.B. - Hobbs, NM and San Antonio, TX

June 2006
We enjoyed our stay!
Jon, Kris, Bruce & Shirley - Odessa, Lubbock, Gardendale, TX

May 2006
Hi Lisa - Thanks again for a wonderful weekend with my kids & friends. The cabin is absolutely perfect. We will definitely come back soon!
J. Morales - El Paso, TX

May 2006
We had a wonderful time. Forgot all about clocks and calendars, but reality hits (hard!) and it's time to go home. Thank you for making us feel at home. The kids love it here very much - and already ask when we're due back! I look forward to the relaxing sound of hummingbirds, wind through the trees and the sights of the beautiful blue jays, flying squirrels and our favorite - the deer! God bless you. Thanks for sharing your home away from home.
Hernandez -El Paso, TX

May 2006
Thanks a lot, we had a wonderful time. Everything we needed was here. Very impressed. Our stay got cut short, but we will be back. Thanks again.
J.M. - Titusville, PA

April 2006
Thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven on earth with us. Thank you also for all the little extras. Our daughters will never forget this experience. We fed the deer and watched them from the window. The music was nice and we enjoyed it. It is a beautiful cabin and we will return one day. All the little extras make it an enjoyable stay. The bathroom was very clean and the beds are just right. Thank you very much for everything. Our girls were fascinated with the deer and the rest of the beautiful surroundings. Thanks again and God bless you!
E.T. - El Paso, TX

April 2006
Every moment here has been a delight - from the time we drove down the lane to the opening of the front door. Beautiful, tasteful and a warm touch of home. Great living room with cozy wood burning stove. Spacious dining arrangement, and all the conveniences in the lovely kitchen. I found all the bedrooms decorated with true country charm. Thank you for a wonderful adventure at your cabin. We saw deer and enjoyed the rustling sound of the wind through the tree tops. What a treasure! We are looking forward to future visits. Thanks for helping us create a wonderful memory.
A.F. - San Diego, CA

March 2006
My kids & I really enjoyed our "spring break" in your beautiful home away from home. Everything here is just perfect, my kids want to move here! It is just what I needed to recharge for the next four weeks of busy season. We will definitely come back again.
J. Morales - El Paso, TX

March 2006
We had a fantastic time! Your cabin is beautiful! Thank you so much.
The Hernandez Family - El Paso, TX

March 2006
The cabin was wonderful! Thank you so much.
D.A. - El Paso, TX

March 2006
The cabin was perfect. We enjoyed the evening walks, the swing, the fire place. We were thankful for furnace in the mornings and for the glimpse of snow on Sunday. We'll check the weather report next time. Thanks for letting us stay. We loved it!
Thanks so much, Lisa!
S.H. - Lago Vista, TX

February 2006
We had such a perfectly relaxed stay! Your cabin is just wonderful - we loved everything about it! Thank you for sharing it with others.
M. Mason - Post, TX

December 2005
How perfectly wonderful this place is! Thank you for the extra special touches! May God bless you for sharing your blessing! We have never stayed in such a great place. We will definitely come here again when we come back to Cloudroft & we will tell our friends about it! By the way, for the future guests that may read this, Rebekka's Restaurant is excellent! And her history about her haunting is intriguing, although we didn't see her.
B. Sherwood - El Paso, TX

December 2005
You have a beautiful cabin! Thank you for stocking it - that is such a wonderful thing to have!
E.G. - El Paso, TX
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