The drive to Cloudcroft from Alamogordo takes you through "the tunnel."  Kids love it!  You'll go through High Rolls, NM where you'll see the Old Apple Barn and  Apple Boy - be sure to stop, it's a fun place to shop, before you come to the old train trestle on the right - one of the most photographed sites around Cloudcroft.

Burro Street, in downtown Cloudcroft, is complete with wooden boardwalks and old style charm and hospitality. On the way to Cedar Lodge, you'll pass the ski area on the right and a whole lot of beautiful scenery... try to keep your eyes on the road because you never know what's going to run out in front of you!
Big Tree Lane - the view from our driveway
13  Big Tree Lane, otherwise known as Cedar Lodge. Welcome!
live entertainment and relaxation awaits you... and this is just a sampling. I hope you brought your camera! All of these pictures were taken right around the cabin or from inside.  The hollowed log feeder that many animals are eating from is about 20 feet from the back window.
Things look so relaxing and peaceful, don't they? Come in the winter and it can be a whole 'nother kinda peaceful. Good thing we have plenty of fire wood! The first two were taken on a Saturday afternoon in mid-November 2004. The third was taken the next morning. Still relaxing and peaceful, as long as you have antifreeze in your car, a warm coat, gloves and a snow shovel (we'll provide the snow shovel)!  A good excuse to cuddle up with a good book and have something yummy bubbling in the crockpot!
It's about a 12 minute drive to Cedar Lodge, once you leave the Village. Now that you've made it without hitting any wildlife, welcome home to Cedar Lodge!
(look closely, and you'll see a deer about 15-20' away from the youngest girl)
Now come inside and make yourself at home
Expect the unexpected!
The first picture, below, was taken the morning of February 5, 2005. The second picture was taken the following morning! More pictures from snowy pasts...

Cedar Lodge